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Important: The growth rate calculated here is an average between your current value and initial value. It doesn't take into account differences between days.
To calculate future value, you can use the result of this calculator in the future value calculator
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In the last 0 days you've had an average daily growth rate of 0.00 and total growth of 0.00%

You can use this value in our future value calculator to find your potential earnings in the future.

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About this calculator

It uses a compound annual growth rate formula that is defined as:

      CAGR = (Future Value / Present Value)(1 / periods) - 1
        Future value: The current value
        Present value: The initial value
        Periods: The total number of days between now and the end date
About compound growth

Compound growth is extremely powerful. In the simplest terms it can be defined as 'the result of reinvesting profit, rather than paying it out'.

Where compound growth (or interest) in traditional investing is calculated perhaps once a year, in cryptocurrency trading your profit is added to each new trade.

An example

Starting with $100 of your base currency and you use a 2% buy amount, you'll be allocating $2 for each trade. In a few days you'll have $110 of your base currency. Your future trades will then be using $2.2 (2% of total base currency) for each trade.

The increase might seem small at first but over time you'll see how effective it is.