DCA calculator


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Notice: It is highly recommended to use the default settings for your template. This calculator should ideally only be used to check how much is available for DCA and if you made changes to the template.
Check your setup
The amount of base currency available on your exchange
Selected coins under Config > Baseconfig > Coins and amounts
Selected coins under Config > Baseconfig > Buy settings
Selected coins under Config > Baseconfig > Coins and amounts

DCA OK Too high Too low

In this setup you'll have a maximum of 0.00 in positions with 0.00 available for DCA.
Your DCA percentage might be too high. The recommendation is to set it between 20% and 40%
Your DCA percentage is below 20%. It should be between 20% and 40%
About this calculator

It is recommended to keep 20 - 40% of your base currency free in case you need to use it in a DCA scenario and buy more. This calculator helps you find the right values to stay within the recommended limits

About Dollar Cost Averaging

‘DCA is meant for those few orders that dropped into the negative and haven't sold in a few days. Rather than taking a loss at a particular negative percentage like you would with stop-loss, you can use the strategy's highly accurate market analysis to buy more of that coin and turn that potential loss into a profit’